Dork™ FAQ

Most of the information below is out of date. It's just preserved here for historical interest.

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1 Installation
1.1 How do I install the game (on Microsoft Windows)?
Go to the download page and download the installer. The installer is an executable file. Open it and follow the instructions given.
1.2 How do I install the game (on Macintosh OS X)?
Go to the download page and download the installer. The installer is a disk image; opening it will show you an installer package. Open it and follow the instructions given. The game will be in the Applications folder.
1.3 Will Dork™ be released for any platform besides Windows and Mac OS X?
It's now available for Android on the Google Play Store.
1.4 How do I get the full commercial version?
First you have to install and run the free version. On its main menu is an option to "Buy / Download". This will take you to a web page (not accessible any other way) which will allow you to purchase the full version. It also gives you the option to buy only half of the full version (you can upgrade to the full version later). Future expansion packs will also be available the same way.
1.5 Do I need administrator privileges to install the game?
Windows: No, but if you don't, then other users won't be able to play the game. Mac: You need to be an administrator, but not root.
1.6 Once I've bought some commercial levels, will I be able to install them on more than one computer?
1.7 The commercial levels don't work anymore after I restored from a backup, installed a new hard disk, or deleted the installation directory and reinstalled.
The level files are keyed to your hard disk in its previous state. Please go here for assistance.
1.8 What is DorkLevelInstaller? (Mac only)
It's the program that installs the extra levels that you get when you buy the full version. You shouldn't ever run it directly; it will run automatically when you download and open the level package.

2 Troubleshooting
2.1 Game speed & rendering
2.1.1 The screen just goes blank, or the monitor says "mode not supported" or "frequency overrange".
This can happen if Windows tells Dork that a particular video mode is supported, when really it is not. You might be able to fix it by updating the drivers for your video card and/or monitor. Even with faulty drivers, starting in Dork version 1.0.3, there should not be a problem as long as you use the default video mode. If you change the resolution, it may still have this problem. First, to break out of Dork, use Alt-Tab or the special Windows start menu key. Kill Dork by right-clicking on it in the task bar, or using the Task Manager. Then delete the file


from the


subdirectory of the Dork installation directory (which is usually

C:\Program Files\Dork

, unless you changed it at installation time). You should then be able to run Dork again in the default video mode.
2.1.2 The screen is jerky. Is it supposed to be like that?
No, rendering should be very smooth. You probably have an older, slower computer than the game was designed for. Go here for advice on improving the frame rate.
2.1.3 My bug sometimes goes right through another object, or disappears off the edge of the screen.
This can also be caused by a very low frame rate.
2.1.4 The screen is distorted (or: wheels aren't circular).
Go to "Options" from the main menu and click on "Screen ratio". This will let you adjust the ratio between the width and height of the used part of the screen.

2.2 Sound issues
2.2.1 Why don't I hear any sound?
In early versions for Windows, there was a bug which turned off sound randomly. Once you turn it back on, it should stay on.

If you're running an older version of Windows, you may not have a recent enough version of DirectX. Look here for updates.

If you're not afraid of feeling like a moron, you should check to make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on, that the volume isn't all the way down, and that the Sound checkbox in the Options screen is checked.

2.2.2 There are glitches in the sound. What's wrong?
I believe it's a bug in the drivers for certain sound cards (including the SoundBlaster Live! series). I may be able to provide a workaround in a future update. Meanwhile, you can try updating to the most recent drivers for your sound card (check the manufacturer's web site).
2.2.3 The music is really unsteady. Is this intentional?
No; this is either another driver bug (make sure you have the most recent drivers from your sound card manufacturer's web site) or a result of a low frame rate.

2.3 Other
2.3.1 I think I found a bug (as in, a programming error in the game, not an insect). How do I report it?
Please send an email to the help address shown above. Describe what happened and what you were doing at the time. The more information you can include, the better.
2.3.2 How can I request a new feature?
The same way you report a bug: send an email.

3 Game play
3.1 How many levels are there in the full version?
50. The levels are organized into four "sequences", called A through D. The levels in Sequence A are the easiest, Sequence B is harder, and so on. If you buy the first half of the game, you get only Sequence A and Sequence B, which total 25 levels.
3.2 How hard do the levels get? Are the demo levels representative of the commercial levels?
The "Easy Demo Levels" are simplified versions of levels from the first part of the game (Sequence A). If you buy the first half of the game, you will get levels that start at about that level and get quite a bit harder, but not terribly hard (by arcade standards). The second half of the game (Sequences C and D) includes all of the "Harder Demo Levels" and others of similar difficulty, some that are even harder, and a few that are insanely hard.
3.3 How large are the commercial levels? How long will they take to play?
Most are pretty similar in size to the demo levels, i.e., they fill the screen and have time limits of between 1 and 5 minutes, although they may take several tries to complete. Some are a bit smaller, but not necessarily easier or faster. A few are bigger, and scroll around since you can't see the whole thing at once.
3.4 Is there a way to save my progress mid-game?
Not yet... there will probably be such a feature in a future update (which will be free).
3.5 When I press a key, it takes a long time before the bug jumps, which makes it impossible to play well. How do I fix this?
It's most likely your keyboard's fault. Some keyboards, especially ergonomic office keyboards, can be very slow to respond. You can try a different key, or use the (left) mouse button. (Note: if you're running Dork in a window, you'll have to make sure you don't move the mouse outside the window when using the mouse button to jump.)
3.6 I can't get through level X! What's the secret?
This isn't really the place for techniques. Get your friends to help! Also, remember that you can always skip a level (see below), although then you forfeit the points you've earned in it.
3.7 How do I pause the game, quit, start a level over, or skip a level?
Press Escape. (Yeah, it's the only key that doesn't jump.) It pauses the game and gives you the option to quit, restart the level, or skip to the next level.
3.8 How can I minimize the game when in full-screen mode?
In Windows, you can press Alt-Tab to switch to other applications, or press the Windows key to open the Start Menu, and Dork will automatically minimize itself. On a Mac, you can minimize by pressing Escape any time except while actually playing the game; while playing, you can press Escape once to bring up the pause menu, and again to minimize.
3.9 Do my high scores get sent to a server or anything?
No, they're just stored locally on your computer.

4 General curiosity
4.1 Why is it called Dork?
I was thinking about the names of very successful games. Two that sprung to mind were Zork and Doom. Both very very successful. So I took two letters from each name and stuck them together, and it seemed appropriate. I guess my next game will be called Zoom.
4.2 Are you aware of the original meaning of the word "dork"?
Yes, well, it doesn't really mean that anymore. Besides, controversy can help get attention, right?
4.3 How did you get the idea for Dork?
Back in the mid or late 1980s I read an article about Pac Man. The author theorized that part of Pac Man's popularity was due to the simplicity of its controls: one joystick, no buttons. So naturally I tried to think of a way to make it even simpler, and had the idea of a one-button game in which there is a grid of wheels, and you sit on the edge of a wheel and jump from one to the next. I didn't do anything with the idea until the summer of 2003, when I was working on getting married and couldn't concentrate on the other, more complicated project I was working on at the time. I figured I could keep it simple, maybe spend a month or so...
4.4 Is this the only 1-button game in existence?
No, there are quite a few, although I didn't know that when I started. Apparently they're more commonly called one-switch games.
4.5 Are there any games with even fewer controls?
4.6 Did you make the game all by yourself?
Mostly. My wife has helped in too many small ways to list, and there were awesome volunteer beta testers. See the credits.
4.7 How long did it take?
Almost three years, but I wasn't working on it anywhere close to full time.
4.8 Can I link to your site?
Yes, please! In fact, you can use on of the ad banners I've made, or feel free to edit them or make your own.
4.9 Will you pay me to link to your site?
Sorry, I tried an affiliate program, and it didn't work out too well. If you really want to help market Dork, send me an email.
4.10 Can I have the source code?
4.11 Can I make my own Dork levels?
Maybe someday I'll release the editor. For now I want a monopoly.
4.12 Who are you?
I'm just this guy, you know?

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