Dork License Policy
Purchasing the full commercial version of Dork™ or any smaller set of levels gives you the right to install and use those levels on a single computer, under a single operating system. The levels are individually keyed to a specific installation of Dork™ and to the hard disk on which it is installed. Some changes to the disk (including reformatting, restoring the entire disk from backup, or replacing the physical disk) may cause the purchased levels to no longer work. Also, reinstalling in a different location or completely removing the installation of Dork™ and reinstalling may cause the same problem.

Our policy is to replace, free of charge, any purchased levels which have ceased to function, if you send an explanation of the problem to from the same email address you gave when you bought the levels, with a subject line including the word Reinstall. If you no longer have the address you used, you may use a different address, but replacement is not guaranteed. Repeated or otherwise suspicious requests may be denied at our discretion.

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