Dork™: The Game

Dork is now available for Android!

Get it from the Google Play Store. Desktop versions here are old and not well supported.

Quick Facts


Android, Windows, Mac.

Free trial:

Of course! Fast download!


$9.50 (but you can buy half of it for $5.50, and then upgrade to the full version later for another $5.50).


2D action game, inspired by 1980s arcade games.


Single-button gameplay.


1-switch menus (optional); options to slow down game and disable time limits.


Dork™ is similar to many classic arcade games, like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger; but it has a unique twist: you control the entire game with a single button.

Believe it or not, it's kinda fun.

You control a little yellow Dork-bug. When you press a key or the mouse button, he jumps in whichever direction he's facing, until he reaches something he can land on or bounce off of. Usually he's sitting on the edge of a rotating wheel or a conveyor belt, so you can control where he goes by waiting for just the right moment to jump.

Then there is the usual collection of targets you have to hit to finish the level, evil monsters you have to avoid, special objects that let you kill the monsters, and a few surprises you won't find out about until you play the game.

Dork™ is free to download and play, but only comes with a few levels to let you try it out. From the main menu of the game, you'll have the option to purchase and download additional levels for a very low price: you can get all 50 of them for $9.50, or half (25) for $5.50 (with the option buy the rest later for another $5.50).


"If I had time to waste, I would be wasting it playing this game... I am completely addicted to it."
- a happy user

"Amazingly fun. Who knew one button could provide so much entertainment!"
- a tester

"Clever and fun... I wish I had thought of it... obviously spent a lot of time polishing and tweaking. Nicely done!"
- a game designer

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